Bring artistic decor to your home with our Mindfulness Collection of hand carved doors. Featuring natural woods and grounding woods inspired by old-world Buddhist and Hindu principles, these artistic carved doors  keep you connected to the present moment. Create a space to stay grounded and be aware of your existence as in the moment. Come explore our import warehouse in Longwood, Florida, close to Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Miami.


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This mindful hand carved barndoors combine style and purpose to enhance your home. Handcrafted vintage old door credenzas and antique chakra-carved cabinets provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, while connecting you to your roots and promoting positive energy. Experience a unique balance of beauty and sustainability.
Bring a touch of rustic charm to your home with this eye-catching distressed blue Iron jali credenza. Handmade from reclaimed wood, it boasts a beautiful subtle medley of colors and is grounded with antique iron jali to reduce harmful ions and connect to the Earth. Both a stylish and eco-friendly way to store belongings.
Our carefully crafted reclaimed wood furniture is the perfect way to cultivate a mindful space in your home. Handmade from natural materials, this furniture brings balance and good energy, while still being functional. Having a dedicated meditation space can help you clear your mind and focus on what matters.
The carved wood wall sculptures of Buddha or Krishna is a truly unique and captivating way to bring peace and relaxation to your home. The rustic natural woods, subtle washed colors, and detailed carvings create a serene atmosphere. 



Bring instant color and beauty to any space with this Tribal Damchiya Chest with Mirrors. Crafted with old world designs and mirrors, it's the perfect addition to any hallway or entryway. Accentuate its color with playful sari curtains and patchwork sari pillows, plus a handloom cotton throw and a large, old-door-chai table, for a truly nourishing decor. Create a mindful home that celebrates beauty in every corner.

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