daMoroccan architectural design are vividly seen in archways and eleborately carved doors through India's rich history. The magnificent carved Moorish archways and columns, embroidered textiles in vibrant hues and the geometric symmetry seen in doors inspired from ancient mansions and palaces of India.


The opulent style adapts to modern, contemporary and Mediterranean interiors. Opulent hand carved barndoors, luxurious patinas and global cultural design, Moroccan style is a favorite of many interior designers. Architectural details shaped by centuries of traditional Mediterranean cultures seen in cusped archways and keyhole doorways are some of the style's most used elements.

Bold brilliant reds, vibrant russets, lush greens and amethyst blues dominate the pallete, with a neutral background reflecting the rolling sand dunes of the desert or the sparkling Mediterranean ocean. Ornate detailed carved credenzas, Shekhawati "Garden of Sheikh" doors and silk curtains are a must in Moroccan interiors.

Brass cladded doors with beautiful carvings, the burnished brass patina of the wood creates a mesmerizing story of the past. Cabinets with brilliant blues and greens, contrasting with the brass, add in the rustic palace doors and the arched doorway, the opulent rhapsody of design blends well with muted walls.

Vintage distressed woods studded with brass and iron that carry grounding energies, Indian antiques are just the unique accent furniture you need to create opulent and extravagant interiors.
Geometric symmetry is seen in architectural doors or columns as seen in stars hugging each other, along with floral vine motifs. The importance of numerology where as you see the 8 pointed star expanding into the 96 pointed ones as in the expansion of the universe, spiritual growth multiplied several times.Triple arches carved back and front line up the courtyard and you enter through a beautiful Moorish door with old teak patina.
The traditional carvings and textures draw you into their old past, the energies multiplying with your lavish design. Beautiful, serene gardens with a Buddha or Ganesha granite sculptures or a marble bench, a carved Maharaja swing and brass planters, the setting is perfect for a romantic evening.

Antique Indian doors carved with beautiful floral designs and patinas of the vintage doors add character to your home.
Patchwork Toss Pillows, kutch embroidered wall hanging, wall panels old world carvings of chakras, with brass cladded woods aged so beautifully, cleanses the aura.
Mandala printed handloom throws make the perfect backdrop to your laid back style living room where statues of dieties play the music of divine love.
Explore Mogul Interior,Florida, and find treasures, intricate hand carved garden statues that are designed with love resonating with your spirit.


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