The Indian festival of Navaratri is celebrated with the sacred nine-days in Ashvin, getting connected with the Goddess Energy of the Divine Feminine to intensify your Shakti !!
Navratri focuses on the three aspects of mind, body and soul, through the nine forms of Durga. This festival is celebrated twice a year – in spring to celebrate the sowing of seeds, and in autumn, as we reap the harvest. In these nine days you can ask for increased inner strength to bring success and peace in your life.
Nine Days of the Goddesses, Bring The Shakti Into Your Home
Autumn signals the coming of cold winter days and we need to summon physical and emotional strength that will take us forward , start of Navaratri – the nine-day Indian festival devoted to Durga – the Goddess of Shakti, or power and strength Maa Durga is immensely and passionately worshiped to invite positivity, bliss, and prosperity in homes and lives. Handcarved wall sculptures of Hindu deities can be custom made into sliding barn doors
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Nine Days of the Goddesses, Bring The Shakti Into Your Home
We will share with you a few ways how to get your home overflowing with richness and purity of this divine festival and welcome the blessings of the Devi with fresh and beautiful decor.
We all know that Mother Durga is a true shakti, filled with the power of Shiva Vishnu & Brahma and she blesses homes that have positive vibes. What's more, just a home with cleanliness and freshness attracts good energy.
You can decorate your home with carved wall art, the subtle hues of vintage woods and they look every bit amazing. Use handmade sari tapestries & bedcovers in bright colors, sequins, mirrors, zardozi work in spectacular hues, like oranges, yellows, magenta, greens, and golden browns. They make any corner look opulent and elegant.
Try to infuse a bit of the Navratri festive element with colorful curtains & torans hanging at the entryways to give an ethnic touch to your home.
Decorate with saree curtains

There is almost certainly that ethnic touch which is the noticeable feature of Indian festive decor. Using the Sari Curtains in the doors and windows gives a true picture of the tradition and culture.

                            Nine Days of the Goddesses, Bring The Shakti Into Your Home

Enhance the walls with Indian doors & Wall Carvings

Navratri festival is incomplete without the dazzling effect of the wall carvings which brings the artistic authentic festive vibes. Hang Wall carvings of Sarswati, Kali, Durga, Lakshmi in your living room, Puja room or in any prominent space to double up the celebrations and keep the festive spirit alive.

Nine Days of the Goddesses, Bring The Shakti Into Your Home
Marble and Granite sculptures & Altar Idols of Laxmi, Kali or Buddha Sculptures decorate your sacred space with Shakti energies and semi precious japa malas. These handmade custom carved statues from India will not just pervade and delight the festive spirit but will mesmerize the entire house with their positive vibes.
These nine days of festivity, spirituality, and devotion depicts the celebration of good over evil, hope over hopelessness, and resurrection of righteousness and faith.

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