Introduce new life into your home with these beautiful accent furniture pieces that will create a unique living room. Transform the atmosphere of your home and create a socially lively space with a fresh & elegant vibe. Begin new conversations and take pride in your recently reimagined living area.
Rustic furniture with lush patinas & textures adds a timeless character to any room, at Mogul Interior you have the option to find unique vintage pieces that are full of detailed, historic charm. Vintage furniture has its own story and a lasting quality that can't be found in newer pieces. Use vintage carved doors & decor elements to create an individualized look for any room.
Elevate your home with unique and authentic artistic hand carved armoires, credenzas, coffee tables & decor. Crafted with care, Mogul Interior's curated collection of antique doors offers a variety of shades & textures of natural woods that seamlessly come together to create a unified space. No matter what room you decorate, you are sure to find an authentic feel with every piece.
There's nothing like that smell of real wood. Finding furniture made out of 100% wood can be difficult and expensive but by shopping from an import warehouse you will while still stand out in the crowd. By adding a vintage table or an armoire, the space is colored to your liking even if you stick with your old sofa and chairs.
Antique armoires with carved accents is the perfect solution to bring an pop of color into your living space. With hand-painted patinas, it can effortlessly blend with other decorative elements to create an inviting atmosphere. For an antique-inspired touch, a carved elephant in the center of your old door coffee table will add a bold boho character and bring a little extra luck.
Upgrade your space in an instant with vintage-inspired pieces. This colonial style coffee table provides a washed vintage coloring and carved legs to bring a unique look to your living area. Hang a hand-carved wall sculpture of Buddha or Ganesha to create texture and depth on any empty wall. Let these pieces subtly speak for themselves and add character to your space.
Next thing you know, your living room looks eclectic with a new vibrancy that will reflect onto you. Take the chance and walk into an antique furniture shop and maybe you'll be inspired to make a fresh start.Revamp interiors with hand carved cabinets, Indian barn doors, old haveli door headboards, rustic wood sideboard consoles at Mogul Interior, FL, currently offering FREE SHIPPING all over USA (except Alaska & Hawaii)


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