One of the hottest design trends be it Urban City Chic, Rustic Modern or Vintage Urban, a style that embraces both the new & old, the traditional & cleaner line of design. Be it a high rise townhouse, a vintage loft, or a historic home, where furniture makes a statement, has a function and is handmade from reclaimed woods; this is the ultimate contrast to the monotone walls. Modern residences and urban houses are not the only places where urban citychic design can be found. Contemporary rustic design might be ideal for older homes, residences in resort settings, especially for people who like a variety of cultural influences.

An urban farmhouse home with rustic elements such an turquoise carved chakra armoire, sideboards, entrance door, barn doors, and chai tables is said to have rustic contemporary design. Rustic contemporary includes elements with a rustic or farmhouse feel. The end product is a cozy and welcoming home with contemporary carved barndoors, luxury amenities, comfortable seating, and mindful handmade furniture.

Balance is essential to achieving this design aesthetic. A home with too much of one or the other style will have certain items that look out of place. Until you achieve the desired style, systematically combine the two designs, picking one element from each design style at a time

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