Bohemian eclectic decor Experience a world of unique personal expression with Mogul Interiors Eclectic, curated collection of antique furniture and vintage carved doors. Drawing inspiration from a range of cultures and vintage spaces, this sophisticated and tasteful collection of antique doors, artistic furniture allows you to create a curated space based on your imagination, without having to conform to any rules or boundaries.

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Antiques and furniture that are art, unique artisan crafted statement furniture livens up each room as you travel through the house.
Eclectic mix of colors and textures seen in antique doors from India and the carved barn doors instantly brighten up a space that was earlier dull and boring.
Embellished tapestries and sheer sari curtains, mix various patterns and textures in a bold eclectic bohemian statement.
The distressed aged wood cabinets, studded with metals, and old door sideboard media consoles give the free spirited vibes to the home
Bohemian decorating is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting vintage items. The key for creating a bohemian chic decor to make it look completely effortless and unplanned.
Gorgeous rich color cabinets, contrasting textures sideboards, hand painted vintage wood armoires, ethnic printed bed throws and bohemian decor with reckless abandon. Bright fabrics with ethnic patterns from India 
There are a couple absolute must haves in a space for it to be a successful bohemian eclectic interior!
1. Color!!! If you are Boho then you are not afraid of color.
2. Combining a mix of vintage furniture from different eras is a great start.
3.Get creative… Think of new ways to use carved doors as functional art.

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