Opening the grandiose Haveli doors that leads to the  gardens where resides a handcarved Buddha sculpture in natural granite, seated in the earth touching pose. The lifesize black granite elephant, his raised trunk ringing in the Maharaja Mogul vibes. Surrounded by magnificent willow trees and mosses that envelop the branches, this is my sacred space, my yoga sanctuary where I do my daily meditation. Tranquility and peace, I take in the vibes of Mother Earth and offer her my gratitude.
My beautiful altar, made from an old triple Indian archway houses hand sculpted deities from the Vedic traditions that carry great energies. My altar has the Sri yantra and Siva, the mystic dancer, Hanuman, the Rudra avatar of Shiva, known for his healing powers and his devotion to Rama. Ganesha and Laxmi sit on their yantras and resonate with my daily chanting. Pictures of my parents and the sacred text of the Bhagwad Gita guide my spirit.
Mala beads of amethyst, hand knotted with rudraksha, adorns Shiva and the quartz crystal mala creates an aura with the goddess, Sriyantra. Ganesha governs the root chakra, the red coral mala beads ground me to earth as I sit in my yoga asana of love. I decorate the temple altar with natural soy candles, incense sticks and fresh flowers, fruits, bringing in divine energy and love into my home & heart. Altars are spiritual centers for meditation and energize the space around them, uplifting your soul.
Your altar is a manifestation of your soul, an expression of your soul and your identity with the cosmos. Artistic brass cladded barn doors are earthing and grounding make beautiful entry doors to to my sanctuary. 
 An Indian damchiya, a vintage chest sits on the side and is decorated with crystals and candles. It's my place of spiritual growth where I come to re-energize my cosmic energy. The divine energy grows and multiplies with each chanted mantra and is reflected back to my house. My sacred space is a beautiful place to meditate, seek inspiration, connect with the divine and grow with the seasons.
The carved barn doors of Ganesha and Krishna, with subtle hues of color seeping through are beautiful inspiration. I used them as the doors into my yoga sanctuary. The ancient carvings takes me into the joy of identifying with my spirit that i may have lost in my ourney called life!

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