Antique Furniture in a Spanish Rustic style interior is characterized by its rustic and traditional appearance, often crafted from natural materials such as vintage woods and wrought iron. Here are a few of the carved Indian furniture you might find in that work this style.
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Multi shaded ethnic textures on occasional chairs and an old gothic bookshelf adds interest to the casual space. Vintage Carved Tables are substantial and often made of dark, weathered wood. Dining tables, coffee tables, may have thick, chunky legs and a distressed finish that adds to the rustic charm. Carved ornate details and decorative inlays can be common.
The high volume roofs, scalloped architectural doorways and column dividers are run of the mill attributes of Spanish-style interiors. Cabinets and Sideboards: Vintage cabinets and sideboards are used for storage and display. These pieces often feature ornate carving, raised panel detailing, and wrought-iron hardware. 
Chests and Trunks: Antique or antique-style wooden chests and trunks may be used for storage or as decorative pieces. These often have rustic hardware and a distressed finish. The roof highlights wooden bolster pillars, whitewashed in lime with rural surfaces of old woods. The architectural elements, from old Indian castles soften into the stylistic layout including a diverse component.
The rustic blue washed pitara trunk table with old iron straps attract the eye to the focal point of the room. Side Tables and Consoles: are used for decorative lamps, vases, and other accent pieces. The vintage trunks and old door consoles are beautifully unique.
Wardrobes and Armoires: Large wardrobe armoires with intricate carvings are used for clothing.. They often feature doors that are ornate and finished in rich patinas.Nature inspired carvings, art nouveau vintage decor defines the interiors.
The weathered rope seat in the corner is hung with a cotton handloom blanket. The prints have particular implications and match up with the Tuscan style. The old entryway table is decorated with an antique iron pitcher and copper ware. 
The Old Door headboard looks like it was found in a Spanish country home blends with unconventional Mexican-Style patinas. The antique door was salvaged from old Indian havelis and has a Spanish style influence.
The mix of old world eccentricity and vintage color tones make the insides exceptional and sets the mood for a warm homely design. Uncommon decor like rustic hope chests, the "antique Indian Manjoosh or trunk on wheels" and the embroidered window treatments restore the space.
old world antiquities and lavish luxurious textures, uniting lushness with old world charm warm and share the enthusiasm of the eccentric interiors. Antique arcges, entryways handmade by master artisans , each piece unique and even more so a stunning statement, the delight of enriching with old world design is exhilarating.

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