Mudrooms are the areas in the house which are frequently cluttered and chaotic. They are often the most used areas of the home where no rules are followed. More times than not, it is typical to close off the mudroom with doors. Lets get creative and style up the mudroom with attractive & practical rustic furniture. Come explore Mogul Interior barn doors, based in sunny Florida, the new collection of custom doors.
Mogul Interior barn doors
Lets transform the mudroom from erratic disarray to calming design. The simplest one step is to use vintage carved barndoors to separate the area from the main house, the sliding doors are so artistic and unique that they look more like wall art.
Mogul Interior sliding barn doors
Design a mudroom that offers storage that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.The artistic carved teak cabinets with double doors give ample space and can be used with bins to maximize storage and stay organized. The cabinets are classic statement pieces that up your style with their uniqueness.
Create a mudroom that you can be proud of and show off with style and practicality in mind. Elevate the design of your mudroom with unique & personal touches. Hang beautiful embroidered tapestries to cover the open shelves, eclectic artwork, accent with pillows, or introduce a new wallpaper - the choice is yours. Transform the space and make it your own with creative, striking touches that will give your mudroom a look you'll love.
Mogul Interior consoles
Mogul Interior furnitureMogul Interior damchiya
The sideboard, console is the perfect addition to any mudroom. With rustic patinas and aged woods it gives the room a new look. Plus, it's perfect for hiding muddy boots,rags and dirty towels as the back has sliding doors.

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