Utilizing custom sliding barn doors as a decorative element is becoming increasingly popular in high-end spaces. These doors crafted with artisanal carved panels can give any home an ancient, rustic aesthetic, adding timeless character and a connection to history. From entranceways to closets and studies, these features provide multifunctional art that perfectly complements a wide range of interior styles. Mogul Interior, located in Longwood, close to Orlando, Winterpark, Windermere, Tampa and West Palm Beach, carries a large inventory of unique hand carved furniture and doors, custom doors are our speciality.
Unique Carved Barn Door
Hand-carved Tree of Life doors, imbued with the healing energy of nature, present an exquisite design touch to luxury homes, thanks to their earthy and natural hues.
Unique Carved Barn Door
Barn doors are a highly sought-after feature in luxury condos throughout Florida, New York or California, as they offer a practical, functional, and versatile solution. These custom carved doors can be used in virtually any area of your home, including entryways between the master bedroom and bathroom.
Unique Carved Barn Door
The classic carved doors introduce an air of sophistication to any area, while being an intelligent way to maximize the use of space in bathrooms and bedrooms.
Antique Door
These custom-made reclaimed wood doors mount directly to the wall, maximizing both available space and artistry. The pieces are uniquely handcrafted, offering breathtaking beauty and remarkable design.
Unique Carved Barn Door
Rustic, carved sliding doors provide plenty of additional room when employed as closet doors in a foyer or hall; they also make great additions to guestroom closets, exhibiting their unique character.
antique Barn Door
The artisan doors are a popular addition that renters are increasingly looking for, as they prioritize the aesthetic value it adds to their living space, with its unique artistry and contemporary aesthetic.
antique indian Door
These customized doors are constructed from salvaged doors, molded so that the reverse side of the door is visible, complete with its grounding nails that discharge potentially damaging ions from the atmosphere, effectively grounding them through the ancient wood.
Exterior antique Door
The rustic barn doors give the house a sense of increased spaciousness while segmenting it less. These doors can serve as a privacy barrier if you have many sliding doors facing a waterfront, which you may prefer to open during the day without the need for drapes.
rustic Barn Door
Unique and handcarved barn doors can serve as custom media center covers, concealing your wall-mounted plasma television when not in use, and adding a designer touch to your space for formal dinners and visitors.
Unique Carved Barn Door
Contact us at Mogul Interior, FL - We can tailor our services to fit the needs of commercial restaurants, boutique hotels, and resorts.

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