Vastu , the Yoga of Interiors uses symbols of ancient spirituality as remedies to energize your home. The symbols establish a connection between the home and the universe to create harmony within our surroundings, revitalizing our homes and synchronizing with the cosmic consciousness.
Vastu or Indian Feng Shui is an ancient art of science related to the design of homes, and it conveys the energy of the cosmos to its occupants. It is believed that positive vibes will be channeled and negative ones repelled, which can profoundly alter the quality of life within the home.
The Sun is the vital force of life and attracts strength, power, and energy. The sun rises in the east so hanging a carving with golds and reds in the East zone of your home increases your social circle.
Antique Indian carved doors, Haveli Doors, carved wall sculptures are resplendent with Sun and energy symbols of the chakra retaining their energy so beautifully. Use indoors as an office or bedroom door or as an art piece on the wall , they will create an awesome connection with the Sun's energy.

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