Zen is a serenely peaceful and grounded way of life, an intensely holistic decor style that reverberates in the simplicity of handmade art form. Zen design is based on natural light and natural materials. By using a simplistic approach, the design aesthetic seeks to promote harmony, balance, and feelings of relaxation.


Rustic vintage windows are reused are cabinets, carved sculptures framed by aged wood arches, and lightweight sari curtain panels flutter in the breeze, letting sunshine dance on your spirit.


The washed patinas of old wood rustic armoires with floral carvings brings the zen of nature into your home. Carvings inspired by nature, the beauty of vintage woods are earthing and nurturing.

The vivid colors mix into a soothing environment that facilitates the flexibility of space. The pure joy of handmade barndoors with carvings that mirror the energy of the sun and chakras as well as the natural hues of wood create mindful interiors.

Zen design is uncomplicated and uses natural materials like wood, stone, cotton, and silk, as well as lighting and space patterns from the past. A Zen Buddha brings into the home is peacefullness, and is aesthetically pleasing.

Getting rid of all barriers is necessary to allow the energy to flow freely in a place. Imagine your home as a stream of crystal-clear, sparkling water, an open, unrestricted space where rooms flow into one another and doors open into more colorful, spacious areas.

Your basic interior will be enhanced by adding a pop of color with earthy patina coffee tables or a rustic white chai table. A brass cabinet with a ancient patinas or a whitewashed tribal damchiya in the den might bring energy to the space.

Cabinets made from old woods or media consoles with ancient carvings are useful additions for storage.Try a whitewashed medieval door cabinet in the foyer for boots, sneakers, and bags.

Your meditation environment is established with a single hand-carved Buddha made of natural stone and a meditation candle. Your books are stored in an old door bookcase with seashells, and the room's added depth is created by a towering floor mirror built from an antique Indian door.

Salvaged windows house the green wall of potted herbs. Zen inspired design is all about natural colors, earthy tones and subtle hues as seen in the vintage furniture and artifacts with hints of subtle colors, creating a continuity to the flow of energy throughout the house.

A beautiful artisan carved Buddha headboard in variations of natural wood with white bedding are accented with artistic nightstands that are made from old reclaimed doors.

The soft peach and teals play beautifully with the natural wood textures and carvings. The beauty of nature plays with the zen of the house, peaceful serene and calming interiors.

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