PRE ORDER-Natural Stone Ganesha Garden Statue Handcarved Granite Stone
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PRE ORDER-Natural Stone Ganesha Garden Statue Handcarved Granite Stone


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Material: Stone,granite


Our Ganesha statues are inspirational and spiritual sculptures with great artistic designs best for homes, temples, offices, hotels, Ganesha, Ganapati, The Lord of Beginnings, The Remover of Obstacles, and The Deity of Good Fortune The Ganesh mudra represents strength and power, and is also thought to be particularly strengthening for both the physical heart, and the heart chakra.
This depiction of Garden Ganesha is seated with one hand in a teaching/protection mudra and the other in earthing mudra. We tend to think that we end when our bodies end in the material world. We are the first person. All else is different. This duality is created by the mind which creates the ego to help us survive in this world. This 'me-other ' duality is the screen keeping us from realizing our real Self, which is beyond body and mind.

Once we transcend this duality, we see the entire Universe as a single whole and we become aware of our true Selves. The single tusk of Ganesha symbolizes this non-duality . Wisdom allows us to see all as one and ourselves an integral part of the whole universe

Ganesha’s form is highly charming and mesmerizing. While the form of Lord Ganesh evokes our imaginations and pleasure,This posture symbolizes .
Ganesha can see and understand and influence our decisions -- decisions so vast in their comprehension that we could never understand them with our human faculties of limited knowledge.Ganesha means lord of the ganas. Gana means a group or community and isa means lord.Ganesha sits in the Root Chakra muladhara chakra, at the base of the spinal cord and guides the spiritual progress of human beings. Sitting in the root chakra he serves as the gateway to higher consciousness.

Custom Height: 24 inches,36 inches,48 inches

The custom carved granite stone sculpture process
We are associated with a group of artisans who are skilled in the art of carving raw blocks of granite stone into beautiful masterpieces. This is an old world carving process that is very unique and labor intensive. Just to find the raw granite is hard enough and then the process of carving by chisels and iron tools is almost a lost art.

We take CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY - with 50% advance at the time of order and balance when the piece at delivery.
We have been in business for over 20 years and have a close association with local artisans and help share their talent with the world. We are and always will be devoted to Fair trade and ethical sourcing.




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