Wall Hangings / Tapestries and its Uses

Easy way to add a charm of traditional color and exotic style to any room with our hand embroidered wall tapestry. Mogulinterior has exotic collection of sari tapestries, beaded tapestries, mirror wall hangings, embroidered wall tapestry. Use these tapestry as a throw, bedspread, or create the coolest curtains.

Red Wall Hanging Sequin Work Patchwork Kutch Wall Hanging
Zardozi Tapestry Embroidered Patchwork Wall Hanging
Red Tapestry Patchwork Ethnic Banzara Wall Hanging
Patchwork Tapestry Vintage Embroidered Green Kutch Table Throw
Pink Wall Hanging Tribal Kutch Embroidery Coverlet Table Tapestry
Wall Tapestry Embroidered Patchwork Wall Hanging Throw Home Decor
Boho Tapestry Brown Patchwork Table Runner Wall Throw
Indian Tapestry Embroidered Handmade Patchwork Wall Hanging
Old Sari Tapestry Banjara Decorative Wall Hanging
Embroidered Wall Hanging Patchwork Sari Throw Tapestry
Embroidered Tapestry Vintage Throw Kutch Pink Wall Decor

A vivacious colored wall hanging makes your room more spacious and bigger than it actually is. But for a room that is already big, you can line up a number of wall hangings of different sizes to make it look smaller than it actually is. A lean and high wall will be most suitable for a long wall hanging which will give it slightly active look and not the trifling looks. The wall hangings are a very god choice to decorate your house and give it a royal look.

Using Wall Hangings Tapestry for your home shows your classy and rich taste. It cam adorn the walls of your living room which is bound to be noticed by everyone. There are different designs available in these tapestries and you can choose one in accordance to your décor theme or the one that represents your feelings or preference.

You can choose any of these wall hangings tapestry for your home and office. If you have a small room then the tapestries wall hanging is available in small sizes also. They can be used for your home décor or may be gifted to your friends on special occasion. Wall hangings are truly the heritage for future generations.

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