Mogul Interior Antique Armoires are made from reclaimed old India doors, lending a unique rustic charm to your home, or getaway home. Vintage repurposed woods carved and hand-finished, these armoires combine style and functionality to deliver a singular statement piece. Brass florets and iron studs on the old door armoires provide a grounding element for the natural wood, ensuring years of enjoyment and reliable storage. Our Indian cabinets are the perfect, affordable solution for any room. Come explore our import warehouse in Longwood, Florida, close to Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Miami.Vintage Farmhouse Design & Furniture
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Design Interiors with Bohemian Vintage Furniture
The exquisitely-crafted carved door panels is ideal for decorating entrances of homes and yoga studios & wellness resorts. Meticulously carved, its intricate Indian-inspired designs showcase the mythology and grandeur of traditional Indian culture & elaborate mansions.
Design Interiors with Bohemian Vintage Furniture
Mogul Interiors' collection of vintage sideboards  are a stunning artifact of India's vibrant culture. Accented with rustic aged patinas, traditional carvings, and vibrantly colored manjoosh and damchias, they will be an eye-catching statement piece in any home. Its eclectic charm sits perfectly in a bohemian-style living space and is great for storing blankets or linens.
Design Interiors with Bohemian Vintage Furniture
Design Interiors with Bohemian Vintage Furniture
This Bohemian sari tapestry is inspired by the deserts of Kutch, Rajasthan and is a unique combination of ethnic bohemian design. Handmade, it features vibrant colorful stitches, mirrors, beads and kantha embroidery, along with geometric designs, tribal prints, and hand-embroidered patches. It's a truly enchanting piece, perfect for a collector or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.
Design Interiors with Bohemian Vintage Furniture
Express your individuality with our unique sustainable collection of Bohemian furniture and eclectic architectural doors. Our pieces combine traditional Indian styles, resulting in resplendent interiors full of grandeur.  Hand selected and curated  antique furniture from India   imported by Mogul Interior, ensures your décor is truly one of a kind and personal. Discover our vintage selection of carved barndoors and make your space perfectly in balance with nature.
Experience the traditional design and craftsmanship of our hand carved rustic furniture made from reclaimed doors. Our credenzas & buffets handmade from salvaged woods from ancient forts, palaces, and Havelis of Rajasthan create a touch of elegance in any decor. Each item is crafted with passion and authenticity, showcasing the unique culture and heritage of India, and made of solid wood for a lasting and warm finish.


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