Monday is a working day for all of us. We want this day to go good so that the whole week gets better. But how often does this happen ? Very rare because we have so much work to do and finish on a given deadline. We get tense and work with the negative mind just to finish the work.
But you know we are so very busy that we have forgotten what the peace is???
Synchronizing the energies around us is essential in achieving the goals that we set for ourselves.
But how to get peace ? We can’t ignore our work, so what could we do to make life peaceful yet feel energetic to achieve or desires?
Very few of you might know that Moon is related to Monday. Those who don’t know must be thinking how ?
According to Hindu mythology Monday is the day of Lord Shiva and the moon is placed on Lord Shiva's Head. Moon makes Lord Shiva's mind calm and compose
This makes our inner self very calm and composed and when we are calm inside we do all the work with more clarity and with more focus.
Everyday say 11 time this mantra Om Namah >And when we are calm inside the peace will automatically come to you. And we can see the improvements in our work. So wear a white Dress on Monday and the Rudraksha and bring peace in life

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