Indian style decor is rich with exotic colors, spiritually symbolic, magical and brings a very relaxed ambiancece. Durga and Tara inspire to add a touch of the mystic to the home, yoga studio or office.
Each Headboard / Panel tells a story that is rich with history and tradition. Ganesh dancing on lotus, Ganesha sitting, Ganesha on the Boat, Ganesh playing Instruments or Carved headboards and wall panels bring positive energy to your interiors.
Colorful patinas add dimension to the carvings and make them come alive with warmth and individuality. Home, the first thought that comes to our mind is a place where we feel at peace with our surroundings along with comfort and safety.
We want to decorate it to reflect all the positive energy as we enter our home. The art of decorating in Indian style is governed by Beautifully elegant and stylishly happy, radiating positivity, Vaastu combines interior décor with the ancient traditions of Hindu culture.we try to make it as beautiful as we could.
What could we do to make our home a little more vibrant cheerful and Vaastu is the Indian Architecture of ancient times, it is said that all the holy places were made according to Vaastu.
From then onwards people started using vaastu method to design their homes. Now a days people wants tradional modern house according to the Vaastu.

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