Eclectic Old world charm, the classic feel of Indian antiques and Home décor from around the world give you the creative feel of designing with a global feel adds character to your dream home. Home decor with hand carved artifacts help in completing the decoration tasks in lesser time and being mindful to the limited resources of our universe. 
Recreate the Old World Charm

With his 17-year mission to resurrect the charm of this McGregor Boulevard home now complete. Wayne Tyler reflects on the master plan that tranformed this once dusty and dated domicile into an eclectic, stylish gem.

Fine antiques, including an Early American oak armoire and a bird's eye maple chest of drwaers, mix with ornate pieces from Mogul Interior in the master bedroom. 

The Eclectic Old World Home Decor is known for Antique doors, ornate carved armoires, worn textures of vintage furniture and culture themed designs have a classical appeal in part due to the ancient nature of the civilizations upon which these design styles are based. Old world vintage interiors are popular historical decorating styles that feature attributes of such quality and consistency that they have endured the test of time. 
Here are some some old world home décor ideas that will help you highlight a contemporary decoration set up with the comforts and necessities of everyday life. 
Artistic wall sculptures tend to grab the eye and fill space. They are soothing and warm with their energies. Carved barn doors work as functional art.
Decide on a focal point and decorate around it. Your focal point could be a piece of furniture, an antique door mounted on a wall as if leading to a hidden passage in the world of Harry Potter.
Light colored walls and ceilings will make the room appear larger.Huge archways can be used as floor mirrors to create a feeling of openness.
Arrange furniture in conversational groups, and have a large coffee table made from a repurpsed lotus ceiling that gives a feel of ancient cultures and classic traditional decor.
To update the look of a sofa or chair, you can use decorative pillows. Will a blue photo frame be as effective as blue wall? Or is a change of upholstery enough to get the effect of color through to you? Yes, even if you use different tones and shades of colors that work in deifferent zones to energize them the effects are enough to benefit you. Any color which makes you uncomfortable translates as bad feng shui or vaastu. Instead of doing up the walls in a particular color think of what you want in that zone and then decorate it.
Every color exudes positive energies. Hence understanding the psychology of colour is essential Balance and composition is the key. While vibrantly colored walls may become overwhelming after sometime, using color in decor elements like carved wall art, barn doors, wall hangings is diversifying the process
Colors can be used to enhance the healing process. Here are the 7 basic colours and what they can do for us….
Red : Boosts strength, health, vigour, sexual love
Orange : Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction and kindness.
Yellow : Persuasion, confidence, charm, jealously, joy and comfort.
Green : Finance, fertility, luck, energy, charity, growth.
Blue : Tranquility, understanding, patience, health, truth, devotion and sincerity.
Violet : Tension, power, sadness, pity and sentimentality.
Indigo : Change, ambition and dignity.


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