British Colonial Decor came about in the late 19th century, the merging of British, Asian and Indian themes brought about British Colonial Decor. Plantation style Takht tables, rugged wood patinas, an abundance of natural flora and fauna were enjoyed indoors as well as outdoors.
Frequently the furniture found in British Colonial plantation Haveli interiors is traditionally British in style, but embellished with Indian designs. Light colored walls with free flowing light weight sheer curtains or cotton voiles gives an elegant touch to the decor. 
Bring British Colonial style to your home with unique handcrafted furniture like the teak carved armoires, trunk tables, old door tables & dark teak doors used as headboards. Combining refined British pieces with exotic materials and natural textures, this look evokes the spirit of the "age of discovery".
Choose from brass cladded trunks, dark stained teak chairs,carved chests & more. Relaxed and travelled, this style will cool and freshen up your space.

Incorporating accessories from local Indian artisans can add a unique and authentic touch to your estate-like ambience, particularly if you're blending Anglo-Indian and traditional Indian design elements. Hang intricately carved jharokha mirrors on the walls. These traditional Indian mirrors with ornate wooden frames and latticework can serve as both functional mirrors and decorative pieces. Ornately carved tree of life or lotus headboards featuring intricate patterns and motifs, will add a touch of Anglo-Indian charm to your bedrooms.

Incorporate botanical motifs and paisley patterns in textiles and decor items. Look for vibrant, handwoven fabrics with these designs, such as throw pillows, curtains, and tablecloths.Use monochromatic wood armoires as statement pieces in your estate-like rooms. These armoires can provide both storage and visual interest. Look for ones with hand-carved details that match the overall aesthetic.

Use vintage Indian doors as decorative accents or room dividers. These intricately carved doors with whitewash hues and holistic patterns can create a stunning focal point within your estate-like space.


Vintage carved artistic doors depicting traditional Indian trees like the poinciana or the Krishna tree, adding a custom and cultural element to your decor.

Zardozi wall hangings with traditional Indian embroidery, such as Kantha or sitara work serve as stunning wall art and showcase the rich textile heritage of India.Adorn sofas and chairs with cushions and throws featuring Indian fabrics, embroidery, and beadwork.

Creating a grand estate-like ambience with large estate gates, arched windows, and tall carved arches against a backdrop of chalky walls is a beautiful design concept that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. To enhance this old world atmosphere, we can incorporate stylish palm ceiling fans that not only provide cooling air circulation but also add a unique textural touch to the space.

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