Mindful Decor, Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Doors Mindfulness is a state of calmness, being grounded, and being aware of your existence in the present moment. An old world practice arising from Buddhist and Hindu principles, mindfulness is a great part of the wellness culture that rules the modern society. Mindful decor is inspired from earthing, grounding woods and simple lines, natural fabrics and clean simple lines favoring uncluttered spaces.Mindful decor begins with a simple principle that everything serves a purpose. Home decor that connects you to your roots or contributes to your home in a positive way. Handmade and rustic wood credenzas brings in good energy, and antique chakra carved cabinets draw in the energy of the sun.Consider the function of the distressed teal credenza which serves as a statement media chest, the blue medley of colors and the grounding nails that take out the harmful ions and ground them to earth through the solid wood. Not only is it practical, and gives you a lot of storage but is handmade from old reclaimed woods that are reused and repurposed into beautiful furniture.Platinum Level Expert Author- Era Chandok Reclaimed woods and handmade furniture cultivate a mindful spacemindful decor, balances your home, furniture that is functional and brings good energyy Add color by thinking of your favorite place. The dark green of a lush rain forest or the endless blues of the ocean, the stunning bright sunlight or the glowing embers of a bonfire, colors that bond with your aura and permeate your being and lotus console mantles and chakra credenzas handloom cotton throws as well as toss pillows made from recycled natural fabrics in warm earthy tones, the decor is healing and nurturing.








The living room doors open to magnificent oak trees, under which sits a Buddha , handcarved in natural stone jharokha coffee tables, matched by the comfy velvet couch, and a kutch tapestry hung on the facing wall. Relaxed and earthing , mindful design using reclaimed woods and textiles the earthy aura of the carved cabinet in soft green is enough of a statement.






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