Sacred old world spirituality-inspired furniture and decor with an aura of global, rustic, old world charm, a sense of wanderlust energy, the feeling of beautiful sacred energies barn doors sprinkled throughout with careful suggestions of artifacts this exotic and artistic yoga sanctuary talks to you. Distinctive artistic decor elements come together naturally as the universe guides you. Your bedroom is your love sanctuary, and the perfect space to showcase your passion. An underlying cohesive color theme brings the eclectic design elements together.
Harmony in color works with the subtle hues and carved textures of Radha Krishna carved barn doors, the intricate detailed headboard created from an antique Indian triple archway, the cusped opening are used for modern artwork in vivid colors, setting the romantic mood and creative design to your bedroom.
Add passionate art that evokes your emotions and maintains the harmonious eclectic element. Art reflects your inner spirit and unique handmade artistic creations in old world designs, bring in the sentimental values.
Platinum Level Expert Author- Era Chandok

Vintage rustic carved woods create a balance between all the latest gadgetry and sophisticated appliances. Earthing grounding antique doors used as headboards or office den doors, carved with ancient symbols of good luck and protection, the patinas and the studded metals telling stories of the past. Rustic sophistication and a relaxed air of going back to the basics being connected to mother earth is the key to creating a healing home.

A meditation spiritual space that is beautifully decorated and furnished with relaxing subtle hues creates a positive energy flow. Wall carvings and sculptures of Ganesha, Krishna, Buddha line the wall giving the feeling of being in the ethereal caves of ancient times. Your spiritual aura is healing at the deepest level of consciousness.

The ancient sciences of the Vedas, Sanskrit chants play softly in the background with the stringing of the sitar. Candles give soft hues and a feeling of tranquil peacefulness. An authentic India damchia chest sits in the corner adorned with photographs of your loved ones.

Nature has a mysterious but beautiful way of relaxing and healing us surrounded by lush, green trees your patio has a beautiful swing and hand-crafted granite stone artisan statuary. The swing is lavishly carved in beautiful wood tones with colorful toss pillows. An antique Jaipur door creates brilliant scenery with colorful ivies and fragrant flowers. Your garden is an escape to nature after an stressful day at work, just enjoy the sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Design with artistic elements that connects you to nature and its beauty.

Garden Sanctuary Spiritual Sculpture
I open the grand Haveli doors to the veranda that leads to the lush gardens where resides a magnificent Buddha sculpture in gray granite stone, seated with the blessing bowl, in earth touching mudra.
The ornate carved Indian elephant, hand carved in black granite with his trunk up brings in the grandness of the old days. Surrounded by 200 year old oak trees and birds of paradise this is the view from my yoga room in my house, my sacred space and sanctuary where I do my daily meditation practice.
Tranquil and peaceful, I take in the goodness of Mother Earth and offer her my devotion.
Characterized by bohemian earthing and grounding interiors, the ambiance created by old wooden teak gates and lotus console mantles, broad leaf plant life, tree of life carvings, and handloom cotton throws as well as toss pillows made from recycled natural fabrics in warm earthy tones, the decor is healing and nurturing.
The living room doors open to magnificent oak trees, under which sits a garden  Buddha, handcarved in natural stone, the jharokha coffee tables matched by the comfy velvet sofa couch, and a kutch tapestry hung on the facing wall.
Relaxed and earthing , mindful design using reclaimed woods and textiles the earthy aura of the carved cabinet in soft green is an artistic statement that brings in earthing energies.

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