Arches and antique doors in the architectural design combine the classic regal vintage feel into an urban home using artistic elements recovered from old houses and gorgeous carved teak columns.

A distinctive farmhouse is inspired by eye-catching old Indian doors with fascinating histories. The takht coffee table was fashioned from an old Indian door and decorated with the tree of Life to give it a distinctive personality. The old manjoosh chest on wheels doubles as a wine chest. Each of these pieces has a rich history that adds to their eclecticism.


The rustic dining table in the shabby chic country farmhouse living room was constructed from a beautiful barn door, and the white brick walls serve as a striking contrast to the green velvet accent chairs that lighten the wood tones. Beige and blue tones in the dresser cabinet blend with farmhouse and antique shabby chic, rustic wood furniture with hand rubbed textures. The Buddha wall decor in vintage wood tones adds to the room's lived-in, cosy atmosphere by telling a blissful tale.

The energy in the space is brought by a superb statement carving sculpture of Shiva Parvati, Hindu Gods. Strategically arranged plants cascade down the plant wall behind it. A crucial aspect of your personality, art is a means of self-expression. A visually appealing arrangement is created by colourful paintings by local artisans, interesting old wood sculptures, granite stone statues of Buddha, and Ganesha. Your house is an extension of who you are; it's a lovely, free-spirited sanctuary where you fall love in all the wonderful things that happen to you.

The castle veranda doors and old-world architectural archway features are a favorite among architects and interior designers who create unique resorts and hotels.
The magnificent appeal of antique doors breathes new life and ambiance into your makeover, regardless of whether your final design is rustic farmhouse, bohemian, spanish modern, industrial, contemporary, or vintage boho.
Antique doors and artifacts increase the perception of distinctive design, and commercial designers are aware of the appeal of unique and one-of-a-kind artistic elements.
Custom carved barn doors and vintage door wardrobe cabinets are features that give personality to the house.
Urban millennials are devoted to conscious living Beautiful vintage carved statement furniture, authentic Indian artifacts and antiques and architectural artifacts provide the connection to culture and old world traditions.
Taking inspiration from old Haveli designs, carved architectural Doors, Mogulinterior cabinets and credenzas carry the beauty of aged earthing woods, antique rustic armoires in reclaimed woods are unique and one of a kind collector's items.

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