Lord Gaensha is the first son of deity Shiva and Goddess Shakti, who are allegorical the enormous forces in essence to make effective permutation in the nature world and eradicate all kinds of heinousness and negative impact on human species. These are the powers beyond human control. A story is associated with his birth states that his parents are not in the usual biological phenomenon but apparently by cosmic influences, and reactions. Therefore, he is renowned as ‘Cosmic Mind Son’. Various endeavors had been made by the great cosmopolitan saints to analyze these cosmic reactions & influences in the form of famous history for the perspective understanding of the ordinary man but essentially it manifests that infant ‘Ganesha’ was an substance enriched with endless cosmic capability. That’s why he is well-known also by varied other names like Ganpati, Vighneswara, Lambodara etc to focus the potentiality faceted to him. He himself with his two consort’s brilliance and Success personifies ‘Intelligence’. Narrator says that he had written saga ‘Mahabharatha’ non-stop. Legend also says that no one could defeat him in knowledge therefore he was very close to his parents. His vehicle is small mouse. His riding on a small mouse expresses the instance of heavy accountabilities being accomplished of intellectually is in processing through the smallest of tools, sacred materials or divine. It also typifies how even small critter can carries great will-power through wisdom.

Hindu God Ganesha Brass Statue Vinayak Murti

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