Experience the healing power of our Vedamala beads. Our unique combination of japamala, meditation mala beads, and prayer beads create a powerful surge of positive energy that will stimulate your metabolism and nourish your body and soul.Come explore our import warehouse in Longwood, Florida, close to Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Miami.
Our mala beads are expertly crafted to synchronize vibrations with your chakras and divine connection, resulting in a more mindful and vigilant state. Enjoy this unique wave of positive energy and blessing with Vedamala beads.


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This Yoga Mala is a unique combination of healing mantras and powerful gemstones set on Rudraksha beads. Handknotted malas helps to bring the wearer prosperity, grace, power and knowledge. It is an ideal tool to focus and amplify spiritual energies.
This Vedamala is crafted from Rosewood, a sustainable wood that's been used in spiritual ceremonies for centuries. Its warming properties help increase circulation, while its spiritual benefits protect you from negative energy and invoke Lord Ganesh and the Divine Mother.
This Rudraksh Mala is said to have powerful properties associated with Lord Shiva, such as the attainment of desired objectives and spiritual salvation. Wearing the Rudraksha malabeads with five faces is said to bring healing, strength and calm.
Drawing inspiration from the divine, this Rudraksha bead mala will add a divine beauty to your style. Known to be “Tears of Rudra”, this necklace of rudraksha and pearls will bring joy, blessingfulness, and moksha to its wearer. Apart from its aesthetic value, the Rudraksha mala can also be used for japa (chanting of a mantra or deity name) for counting when a specific number of repetitions is necessary.
The spiritual Vedamalas line offers a Rudraksha Rosary that is believed to reduce harmful influences and provide spiritual protection and fulfillment. Handmade with 108 Rudraksha seeds, this rosary of five-faced Rudraksha offers an ancient spiritual practice for accessing moksha.
The Vedamala beads collection features Tulsi Mala, made of Tulsi wood which is traditionally used in Hinduism for peace and to reduce tension. Tulsi wood is part of the basil family and considered one of the most sacred types of wood.
Our Navagraha (9 Planet) Mala is a harmonious spiritual tool that has been expertly crafted to bring positive changes to your life. Each bead is imbued with the power of nine planets, designed to purify and balance your life. Invest in this ancient wisdom and benefit from its transformative power.
This mala is crafted from Bodhiseed beads, a type of bead linked to Lord Buddha's awakening. It offers a calming and grounding presence to help the wearer build focus and presence of mind. Its elegant boho chic design adds to its spiritual and calming qualities.

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