Mogul Interior textiles are a unique combination of traditional style and sustainability. We collaborate with tribal artisanssupport skilled makers, to craft our beautiful, one-of-a-kind textiles made from sustainably sourced handloom cotton. Our commitment to traditional crafts and local, sustainable materials ensures ethical, eco-friendly furnishing with every purchase. Bring India to your decor with Mogul Interior's embroidered tapestries & vintage textiles. Featuring traditional weaves and gorgeous designs in vibrant colors, these handcrafted pieces display the passion and vibrancy of Indian culture. Zardozi and Kutch ethnic embellished throws create a vintage charm that adds a unique touch to any space. Enhance your home with the beauty of these Indian tapestries from Mogul Interior.



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Bring a unique, global flair to your home decor with hand embroidered vintage bed throws, table throws, handmade Indian bedcovers. Our selection of patchwork tapestries, embroidered pillows, and old Haveli doors with ornate iron and brass nails will give your home a look of old-world beauty and soulful energy. Each piece is lovingly crafted from antique remnants, aged to perfection for timeless appeal. Come explore our import warehouse in Longwood, Florida, close to Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Miami.
Bring a touch of Indian elegance to your space with our beautiful home décor selections. Featuring bright, vibrant colorful curtains, sheer window curtains, sari curtains and exotic designs, our pieces will add life and opulence to any home. Utilize furnishings and accessories to further heighten the beauty of your interior

Window treatments should be one of your keys to styling your home. Our collection of sari drapes provides luxurious fabric for curtains, throws and tapestries, with genuine Indian prints for an authentic look. Our sari drapes add texture and depth to your windows, giving your home a luxurious finish.
Enhance your living area with ornate indian furniture from Mogul Interior. Curated from India, the furniture pieces are personalized with throws and cushion covers made from Vintage saris to create a regal, palace-like atmosphere in your home.
Transform your bedroom into a boho paradise with the vibrant Indian bedspread from Mogul Interior. Hand-stitched with intricate beading and gold thread, it wonderfully complements your existing decor and adds exotic flair with its rich color, pattern, and texture. Experience supreme comfort and luxury with this incredible indian bedspread.
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