Vishnu is revered in Hinduism as the Preserver of the Universe. Vishnu is known for his many avatars, such as Rama, Krishna; who protect and preserve humanity. He is seen as a symbol of strength and protection, who comes in a variety of animal and human forms. 
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This exquisite Vishnu figurine embodies the essence of the Hindu deity known for preservation and safeguarding. As an incarnation of the god, it encapsulates a portion of his divine essence and might. Vishnu is conventionally portrayed with a deep azure complexion, featuring a single head and four arms. In Hindu faith, avatars of Vishnu are believed to emerge to rescue the world from peril and malevolence. By placing this deity in your home, you invite protection and justice for your beloved ones. 
Vishnu, the guardian of the world, is typically portrayed in art holding a discus, conch, and mace. These symbols, signifying the primordial sound of creation, the sun, and the fundamental cosmic force, illustrate his authority to safeguard and uphold dharma. Vishnu is frequently depicted seated or reclining on the coils of the serpent, Shesha, in Hindu mythology. This intricately crafted figurine of the Naga represents Shesha, a mythical serpent-like being. Revered as the bedrock of the vast cosmic ocean, Shesha symbolizes eternal energy and unwavering strength. Meticulously designed, this figurine serves as a flawless representation of this age-old Hindu legend. 
 Rama, Krishna, Buddha - Incarnations Of Hindu God Vishnu 
Narasimha : Varaha is the third avatar of Lord Vishnu, symbolizing strength and courage. It depicts the battle between Lord Vishnu and the demon Hiranyaksha, who had the boon of invincibility against all beings. Lord Vishnu defeated him by taking the form of a boar, rescuing the earth and restoring her freedom. 
Rama, Krishna, Buddha - Incarnations Of Hindu God Vishnu
Krishna is the celebrated incarnation of Lord Vishnu, worshipped in many Hindu traditions. He is featured as a young cowherd or prince, offering moral direction and playing a flute. His iconic images bring joy and spiritual growth, inspiring those who revere him.Call us today for custom garden sculptures @ 239 603 7777 
Rama, Krishna, Buddha - Incarnations Of Hindu God Vishnu
.Rama, Krishna, Buddha - Incarnations Of Hindu God Vishnu
This Buddha statue is a popular representation of Dhyana mudra, the mudra of meditation. Crafted from naturally mined granite it is the perfect addition to any yoga garden or spiritual practice. Let this beautiful serene statue bring peace and serenity to your home. 
Rama, Krishna, Buddha - Incarnations Of Hindu God Vishnu
This Krishna sculpture is a popular choice for interior decorators and designers who work with the energy of nature. It adds an air of sophistication to any office or home, and makes for a memorable corporate gift. Crafted from natural materials, it provides strength and hope for its possessors.

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