There is no requirement that the furnishings & decor in your home be from the same time period. In truth, blending antique and modern furnishings may produce the most enthralling, unique, and creative effects, as well as giving your home a texture and life that rooms with entirely matching furniture can't compare.

Make sure to leave space for comfortable furniture if you're attempting to incorporate vintage wall art, and accessories with other styles in your home.


Creating interiors that vibrate with energies of your personality yet are dynamic with the love of global cultures, the antique armoires with chakra carvings and the sideboards with repirposed old doors bring in a whole new dimension to your home. We loved our store's combination of a vintage cabinet and old world carvings
Below, we're delighted to offer some ideas and pointers for fusing vintage furnishings with contemporary style.

Build A Focal Point
Blending vintage furniture with modern homes will not only give your dining room or area a unique feel, but it will also look stunning and serve as the room's focal point.
When a color scheme just uses one or two neutral tones, the background serves as the ideal backdrop for spotlighting a certain element. An antique door sideboard can shine out right away with the correct lighting or a splash of accent color or trim. The rooms are kept open and bright with light flooring and walls that tie the area together while providing a neutral background for the antique furnishings.

The rustic credenza chest is probably one of the most essential and handy pieces of antique furniture to collect. As functional for our clothing and personal items today as it is a beautiful accent piece of furniture


If there were "decorating standards" for successfully combining vintage furniture and modern interiors, it would be simple. Carved consoles in vivid blues, rustic accent tables and vintage armoires create a rhapsody of textures and design. We discover that deviating from prior "design principles" yields the most enthralling, captivating, and distinctive outcomes. 


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