Decorating with antiques is a natural response to our fundamental desire to feel connected to the past, to believe in a narrative, and to establish a feeling of history in the surroundings. Weekend trips frequently end up at antique shops (MOGULINTERIOR), where a hidden treasure inspires love at first sight. Some people are fortunate enough to get antiques as gifts from previous generations, while others consider themselves collectors and explore markets for the ideal object. A well-made dresser or dining table will last much longer than the quick-changing fads of today and tomorrow because humans have a sweet spot for things that have survived longer than themselves.

The most livable interiors are those that incorporate features from the history of house design yet can't be tied down to a particular century or decade. The design of your home, a family relic, or a thrift store crush can inspire the desire to combine old and new. Here are some pointers to help you combine modern and vintage furniture to make a space that is layered and timeless.

Following your instinct and keeping an open mind about how a piece might be used in a place are the only rules to choosing the ideal antique for your area. You will always find a place for it if you truly love it.


Antique Indian Doors Sideboard

Vintage interiors use reclaimed woods and are mindful of earth's limited resources, which are deeply nurturing. The old door credenza in dark wood tones make an artistic rustic statement. The vintage woods, dark hues, rustic wood sideboard cabinets add to the warmth and cohesiveness of your home interior. These pieces work well with the modern living room decor. 

The rustic doors with iron nails and brass medallions work in grounding the harmful electromagnetic radiation that emanates from all our sophisticated gadgets. Mixing colors and textures be as bold and as creative as you wish. Contrasting materials like rustic earthy woods and granite sculptures plays with the patinas of vintage furniture.

Breathe new life into your home with globally inspired artistic finds. Your living room gets a style update, with a mix of the cutting edge flat panel television accented with elaborately carved Rajgarh sideboard that works. The jali carved vibrant hued sideboard incorporates your creative element, off setting it with the luxurious leather sectional.

Showcase a global flair, classic vintage chic mixed with bohemian nomadic styles, the huge gates create a splendid entrance into your veranda home. Make your interiors look spectacular, adding to the unique design of your carefully curated home.

Artistic elements come together naturally, your home is your sanctuary, and the perfect space to showcase your personality. An underlying cohesiveness of wellness brings the mindful elements together

This beautiful and eclectic vintage Indian Trunk, hand-carved wooden storage box, This antique Indian cart has patinas of teal and iron. The top opens up and you can store your blankets etc. It would make a wonderful addition to any modern home as a unique sideboard, buffet or conversation piece.

This is also a great statement piece for your rustic interiors. Hand-carved by skilled artisans, this royal and ancient art will add elegance to your home decor and living area.

Wood sideboard can be purchased online while keeping in mind the room's and living area current interior finishes and other furniture items. It is simpler to compare prices, dimensions, and product finishes by looking at Sideboard Online. You can read reviews before making a purchase and get discounts by purchasing online.


From bedrooms that are nice and cozy with arched doorways, living rooms that are grandly decorated with carved panels, your home is a savior to the deepest feelings your heart craves. Exuberant hues and textures that add vital "prana" enhance each space giving it a new energy "shakti". Not only is your home a thing of beauty but is the source of all joy. Passionately created your home is a magnet to love, luck and prosperity attracting everything positive and good, an abode that is distinctively "Mogul".
The appearance, design, and ornamentation of entrance doors and frames were significantly influenced by the history of India's battle to gain its sovereignty. Long after India was no longer a colony, elements from these cultures have persisted in the beautiful door carvings.
Interior design trends are always evolving in response to people's preferences, experiences and culture. Love for traditional Indian doors is the most recent trend to take over your homes and stick around for a while.
The enthusiasm for everything antique—from vintage clothing to vintage furniture—is here to stay. So, here is your information to choosing Traditional Indian Doors. At "Mogulinterior," you can enhance your home furnishings, resort or restaurant interiors, and more with a wide range of Armories and Vintage Furniture.
Enjoy high-quality furniture with authentic finishes across the panel, and customize your interiors to your liking! Free shipping is available on Vintage Furnitures shipped straight from Mogul Interior, Florida, Import warehouse.
Coffee Table

Every home's ultimate focus is its living room furniture. Due to the pandemic, we have all spent the most of the last two years at home. Every other person's life has been altered by this Covid, whether they are young, old, or both. They all recognise the importance of their homes and desire to furnish them with lovely pieces. Your home's interior design should highlight all of its critical spaces with our gorgeous multipurpose furniture. In any of your homes, we have every form of furniture that is not only cosy but also unique.

The jali carved console decorate the hallway and the sunlight plays with the patterns that emerge from it, early sunrise being totally different from the sunset. The dusty blue chakra sideboard serves as my media chest and I surround it with plants and foliage, bringing in the healing energies.

Tree of life carved barndoors and the triple arch veranda columns remind me of old Havelis, inspired from Mediterranean architecture, the cusps and curves are delightfully romantic. Holistic design and mindfulness is a necessity in designing your home or your getaway cabin

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The coffee tables, accent tables with holistic lotus carvings, handmade from reclaimed woods, as well as the carved headboards are textured with hues that align with your chakras. The lush green trees that turn a bright orange in the fall remind us of the constant change and transformation that Earth goes through and similarly we should also recharge are routines. My mountain cabin is simple and rustic, using old reclaimed wood doors and armoires that I have turned into wine cellars. The chakra carved wardrobe armoire are stunning in their patina and are such dynamic statement pieces.

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Antique door tables and old world elements salvaged from old mansions and architectural structures are resplendent in detail and handmade by artisans keeping in balance the energy of interiors. The carvings are inspired by nature and the metals such as iron and brass not only reinforce the woods but are earthing and grounding. We are surrounded by electromagnetic charge that is subtly changing our behaviour and cell dynamics and the only way we can keep ourselves grounded is by using these techniques of grounding.We have to discharge the ions that collect up in us so by using an old door table studded with brass, iron, copper as an office desk we are creating a more balanced environment for ourselves.

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