A mindful, holistic lifestyle acknowledges the impact of your actions as they lay their imprint on you, your home and the world. A complex parody of results comes from your actions, living life in awareness and being mindful of the impact of your actions. Recalmed woods, chakra carved doors and indian doors create a great harmony in design.

Classic Elegance Interior Design Eclectic Architectural Interior.pptx from Era Chandok


A holistic home embraces your mind, body, spirit, and ether in a oneness of its effulgence. The mind captures your energy and its mindful intention to decorate your home. The physical aspects of decor, furniture and accents concern the body. The spirit covers the chi or the soul of your home.
Copper and iron are earthing and grounding metals that have used for many years in old doors and architecture. Not only do they strengthen the wood but are also balance the energy of your home by removing the harmful ions and grounding them. The brass rosette doors seen in old Indian mansions or the iron studded welcome gates, were hand created on the basis of holistic mindful living, interacting with Mother Earth in a positive way.
The energy that emanates from Indian architecture like the triple veranda arches that line the courtyards, carved in vintage patina teak wood, anchored by brass and iron nails, the detailed carving of nature elements, paisleys bring in the the dynamics of balance of energy.
Your home is just as beautiful as you and is your sanctuary for refreshing, healing energy. The chakra armoires and cabinets made from reclaimed woods with rustic patinas expand your ambience and enable interactive healing vibration. Artistic elements, holistic carvings and natural color hues, the indigo sideboard and tree of life coffee tables bring the energy of the waterfalls that splurge you in their fluid energy of pure joy.     

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