Designing your home in mediterranean rustic style brings to mind blue oceans, brilliant summer days, arched cusped doorways, old world architecture, never ending winding roads, rustic classical wooden furniture, rough patinas and immature neutral colors. 
The vintage beauty of old world carved barn doors, the romance and charm of earthy lustre wood with hues of color seeping through, a vintage home office looks and feels classic with a touch of eclectic. Look at these floral, paisley carved reclaimed wood doors, the hand carved credenza and intricately detailed doors and you'll feel the fluid energy of nature.
The antique carved Barn doors with brass medallions make your space look rustic, unique and optimizes the utilization of space in a practical way, as the doors slide onto the walls. Living room, kitchen or pantry, a mudroom or a wine cellar, the antique doors with brass medallions carry the energies of lost cultures.
A beautiful old teak balcony railing accents the unfinished wooden ceiling beams. A bold statement that is repeated in the long console which is made from reclaimed old antique doors and arches.
Arches and columns are found throughout the house, horseshoe shaped doorways, dark teak carved accent doors and windows, mantles that display treasures from your travels. The double carved antique triple arched architectural veranda accents the view to the courtyard where sits a beautiful three tiered marble fountain. Bold designs and patterns complement the design, be it modern contemporary or traditional style.
Earthy worn patinas of rustic old door cabinets that store your china, the doors are hand carved with old traditional designs and have seen several shades of color as the years go by, the beauty of worn patina and sun bleached doors is so beautifully unique.
Antique original solid wood blue sideboard comes from india and is handmade from vintage reclaimed woods with a unique eclectic appeal. Medallion carved credenza in distressed blue emboldens the spirit of mediterranean decor.

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