Old world style incorporates design elements from many historical eras, such as the Medieval, Renaissance, Tudor, Spanish colonial, and French chateau periods. This style can be distinguished by its aged finishes, curved windows and doorways, and barrel-vaulted ceilings that perpetuate the feeling of grand Mediterranean villas. The old world gothic architecture details arches and high vaulted ceilings. The intricate triple-arched pattern with leaf and rose motifs recalls a classic Gothic aesthetic, lending the space a timeless medieval aesthetic.
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If you prefer a style that creates a combination of rustic elements and ornate carvings, then the old world is ideal for you. Rustic design elements such as aged woods come alive beautifully with luxurious textiles. Aged furnishings retain an aristocratic appearance. Even though the rooms are of a formal nature, they often have a warm and welcoming mood.
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The vintage-style free-standing cabinets featured in this rustic living room surely enhances the overall décor, particularly due to their capacity to stand out against the plain walls and infuse warmth into the space. Effortlessly recreate antique aged aesthetics with shades of indigo, raw umber, gold, Prussian green, bisque, ochre, and Venetian red, reminiscent of a Rembrandt painting. An array of different finishes - from stained woods to painted, worn, and weathered textures - add a timeless look of antiquity to each door or armoire.

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Gothic decor is renowned for its elaborately carved columns, archways, and vast windows ornamented with aged timber and lavish ornamentation boasting a classical European style. It is unique in its stately stature, consisting of characteristic thick and heavy wood, either elaborately carved or subtly distressed.

The Antique Indian Door Floor Mirror Frame on Live Edge Base is an exemplary specimen of artisan craftsmanship. Antique old world home decor provides an exquisite look to any residence. rustic armoire, mogul interior, free shipping
The armoire doors are crafted from antique reclaimed wooden material, with mindful carvings as embellishments, while the jali sideboard facing the bed is an extensive piece, boasting ornate floral motifs in a ochre, reds and green for a touch of elegance in the room. Transform your home with intricate carvings, sculptures, arches and artwork, or add an alluring touch with classic furnishings and opulent wall art at Mogul Interior, Come visit our warehouse in Longwood, Florida

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This traditional design in old world decor showcases classic details such as hand-rubbed unfinished surfaces, and heavy wooden beams, all of which are indicative of European mansion interiors. Grandiose furnishings, varied textures, and a deep palette of colors harmoniously come together to craft a timeless, vintage-inspired look.
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Gothic style and glamor are the synonyms for classic elegance in interior design and eclectic architectural design.Provide a colonial Spanish theme with antique barndoors studded with bras and iron, and wall grilles. Create an old-world atmosphere with oversized vases, urns, and hand-painted pottery. Ornately carved frames hold rural scenes, portraiture, floral and religious artwork to add authenticity. Utilize large bookcases and fill with antique books, boxes, and artifacts.

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