Fresh from a summer shopping trip to India, we proudly present our exquisite collection of vintage artisanal treasures. Vintage Indian style furniture boldly blends respect for tradition with a reimagined aesthetic appeal. Our selection of vintage doors and antique Indian arches is carfully curated, offering options to suit every style and budget. I adore incorporating vintage style decor into my designs because they infuse spaces with history and a collector's charm. Whimsical yet historical, antique Indian palace doors narrate tales of ancient dynasties, epic battles, and romantic love stories.

Bohemian vintage Indian cabinets featuring subtle traditional patterns, and rustic furniture adorned with old-world textures and colors, all exude an artisan edge. Handcrafted or hand-painted vintage furniture always top my list. Infuse drama into any room with Indian carved Krishna door or the Dancing Ganesha Door.

The antique arched Jaipur doors & windows made from teak wood that bleached in the sun, the wood aged and hewn, the warmth of the earth tones whispers ancient folk stories. Bold turquoise and indigo blue color palettes of the tribal damchias seamlessly blend with old-world textures and patterns, creating a look that is both comfortable and practical, with a hint of glamour—essential elements of my vintage bohemian style.

Shopping in India is an exhilarating whirlwind of color, especially in ethnic tribal bazaars brimming with handcrafted furniture and artistic elements. Each piece is is extraordinary in its craftsmanship, making the experience both overwhelming and thrilling. I delight in discovering old patchwork quilts and silk pillows, sifting through endless piles, and engaging with artisans who share stories of their journeys and the traditional art forms they keep alive. Their compelling narratives about the creation and significance of each item add depth and meaning to every piece.

Indian designs are deeply rooted in the ancient principles of harmony with nature, reflected in traditional architecture and carvings found in artisans' hometowns. Exploring local markets, I stumble upon old brass studded doors and jali carved panels adorned with floral lotus designs. The creative fusion of Indian, Moorish and Mughal architecture is evident in the magnificent Haveli Fortress doors, which serve as historical portals. Artisans have passed down these intricate designs for generations, embedding each piece with a rich history and vibrant energy.

Curating a space that speaks to your personal aesthetic is the essence of classic vintage style furniture & decor. Each item should feel like a cherished find, creating a space that is authentically eclectic, unique, and special. The beauty of vintage furniture, antique doors & artistic decor elements lies in their ability to transform a room into a captivating narrative of collected treasures.

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