Canopies made from sari curtains and patchwork accent plllows energize the bedroom.
Play around with the custom made ganesha headboard in different colors, and textures adding layers of depth with fabrics.
Crystals and plants along with larger carved wood cabinets in hues of soft green and peach give the room a masterful touch of bohemian charm.
Your home is a paradise of eclectic curated art and architecture vibrating with your personal style.
The Sacral Chakra is links to the center of creativity, and could be your extra room where you paint or write blogs.
Orange, burnt reds, russet beaded vintage sari tapestry hanging from an old carved aged wood mantle give the aura of creative energy. Accent with sheer sari curtains and toss pillow shams and feel the creative juices flow.
The Solar Plexus Chakra is our personal will, social connections and controls our feelings and authority. The family room and laundry room are connected to this chakra.
Do you feel happy and connected sitting in your family room or secluded? A stunning vintage ochre yellow ornately carved cabinet or a distressed wood yellow coffee table will bring in new energy.
My friend embellished her laundry room gracefully with an antique Indian armoire using it to store the laundry and cleaning supplies, a practical and exquisite statement!
The Heart Chakra represents love and compassion and I immediately connect it to green plants that are scattered all over my house. The bedroom is the zone for the heart chakra and the seat of divine love.
A beautiful antique door makes a majestic headboard, the door panels hung on either side giving the eclectic touch. Beautiful carved consoles make unique nightstands and the bedding is soft and lovely pashmina woven coverlets giving the sumptuous and luxurious feel.

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