The Ajna or Third Eye Chakra is the chakra that balances all the other chakras yet is open only when all the others are balanced. Wisdom and our inner instinct are connected to the source the Ajna chakra.
This chakra is your sacred space like your meditation room where you connect with your inner conscious.
Abundance in all aspects of our life is regulated by this chakra and violet is the colors that relates with it. Yantras and divine idols of Shiva, Ganesha and Durga raise the vibrations of this space.
A open hallway makes the energy flow from each room to the other and the Throat Chakra governs communication. With the hallways, your work station or computer areas connect to this chakra.
We connect to the world via the internet which disturbs our inner energy field.
Earthing old door study tables neutralizes this charge and balance us so we can connect with our concise medium.
Blue carved hall tables and vintage armoires in turquoise plays a vital role to energize this chakra
The crown chakra connects us to the universe.
The entry door in the ancient times would be carved with beautiful motifs of lotus and divine symbols attracts the cosmic energies towards our home and welcoming all that is good for us.
Designing with furniture and architectural elements of ancient times not only gives meaning to our collections but also energizes us with its beautiful positive energies.
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