Patanjali is famous as the founder of yoga, he wrote & compiled the yogasutras. Yoga is a dialogue of spiritual, mental and physical health and it involves asanas or exercises and pranayam or breathing techniques He is also called Adisesa which means half serpent. 
Yoga Sutras : Patanjali wrote 196 yoga sutras. He systemized the science and art of yoga in the Yoga Sutras. Yoga is a way of life and incorporates more than just exercises, it defines a healthy and holistic way of life.Yoga practices establish stability within the inner body, the soul that really controls the physical body. According to Patanjali, there are two powers-one is the power that sees, the other is the power of seeing. The former is the soul that sees and the latter is intellect (mind) the power of seeing. When these two different identities are identified as one and the same thing, one emerges as the true self.
The mind, body, ideas and thoughts are subject to constant change, but the true self never changes. One ordinarily identifies the immortal self with one’s body due to ignorance or egoism. Sometimes one becomes angry due to some feeling of egoism. Therefore one is required to locate the genesis of such feelings which roused them in order to get rid of the demon of egoism.
They say all saints are one and Buddha also taught that the ego destroys oneself, guiding yourself through this life and staying humble when you are in the best phase of your life is the ultimate acknowledment of the divine spirit.


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