Combining antique architectural elements and traditional design into a harmonious garden sanctuary where you can relax and destress or play with your grandkids, is the ultimate dream for us today. 
Relaxing at home, working from home we need to create spaces that bring in the beautiful energies of nature. Harmony with nature, growing our own vegetables, taking care of the yard, watering the plants are activities that are so naturally relaxing and calming.
The courtyard Triple archway, reminiscent of the verandas of older estates, double carved in old teak wood sits against the brick wall with moss growing over the columns, exotic grand architectural details, the rustic wood is so grounding and brings a dynamic identity to your garden sanctuary.
A beautiful meditating Buddha sculpture in gray granite, custom ordered from India brings tranqulity. The water fall houses the Shiva lingam, who is the energy of transformation. The lingam stones are found in the river Narmada and  reverberate with the energies of Shiva. A pair of grandiose teak columns with old stone bases give the eclectic design element to the garden.
An old dilapidated ox-cart sits in the middle of the big garden filled with beautiful herbs, basil and oregano, planted in small containers. I use it as a herb garden and my grandkids love to sit on the harness.
A beautiful colorful Jaipir carved jhoola-swing sits under the pergola which has creepers growing all over it. I love to do yoga, meditation or listen to music while swaying on it gently. My husband loves to grill and the garden is our romantic paradise. I love to work with nature, so use old door tables and handmade oxcart benches as my patio furniture.
A great part of Energy Design is bringing in variety by color, textures, and old world elements. Old antique Shekhawati doors hang on the exterior of the house serving as a hidden passage to. A magnificent granite elephant in gray and black tones makes a stunning statement in the driveway. The flow of energy is dynamic and harmonious.
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Classical Indian Hindu Statues comes with beautiful hand carving work on it. These statues are excellently crafted inspired from temple sculptures in attractive designs carved on this statue makes them perfect for your sanctuary.  Our Carved barndoor panels, headboards and deity carved doors and are perfect for your meditation as well and balance the energy of your interiors.

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