India Doors, Hand carved in reclaimed woods the carvings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses energize your interiors with positive energy and create captivating decor with a classic global style.
Finely detailed, each carved Indian wall sculpture or statue has a story and energy that radiates from it and immerses your chakras with soul touching spirituality.Your altar is a manifestation of your inner spirit, an expression of your soul and how you identify with the world. Artistic old world elements like antique arches, Indian doors built into the wall makes a beautiful backdrop for my yoga sanctuary. Light and airy sari curtains ruffle in the wind and the handloom cotton throws on the floors are just perfect for sitting. It's my place of solace where I come to re-energize my spiritual energy. The energy grows and multiplies with each mantra and is reflected back to me. It's a beautiful place to meditate and seek inspiration, connect with the universe and grow with the seasons. Check out new arrivals at Mogul Interior

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Be it the Krishna and Radha lovestory or Krishna playing his flute under the Tree of Dreams, the Indian carvings are inspired from Temples and create a beautiful home. Each panel is unique and so lush in its patina that makes them vibrate with beautiful energies.
Design with elements of ancient spirituality and create a dynamic conversation with the universe.

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