French Inspired farmhouse homes feature an attractive blend of classic charm and tasteful opulence. Decor pieces like ornate mirrors with distressed paint convey a sense of effortless elegance, while dramatic drapes puddling onto the floor or an imposing cusped arch repurposed as a floor mirror with carved textures from old castles, add a touch of extravagance. Explore our unique collection of furniture and decor accents at Mogul Interior, a woman owned small business, based in Florida.
French country armoires, are classic storage pieces with carved facades & drawers, shelves, and porcelain knobs. Deep, dark wood tones and ivory walls create an elegant French-inspired look. Place one in the bedroom for clothing or in the study for books. Traditional French decor features a vintage chandelier to give the space a timeless feel.
Many French dwellings showcase exquisite historic architecture inspired by iconic cathedrals and royal residences. Incorporate old-world charm with scalloped arches, fanciful finials, and brass accentuation. Stone-carved woodwork against white walls creates an eye-catching vintage aesthetic.
Spend time luxuriating in a deep, elegant porcelain tub surrounded by classic wall sculptures and large arched mirrors. Subdued, yet extravagant shades of chalky gray and antique white are typical of French homes, while more pops of color can be added through art and decorative accents.
Antique white credenzas creates a cozy atmosphere in rooms with classic French decor. Dining spaces are brightened by creamy vanilla tones from a dark palace door dining table. An unconventional touch is added with salvaged antique barn doors repurposed as a room divider. Reclaimed woods, vintage washed turquoise chests and consoles that provide a soft pop of color in the area.
Rustic woods with turquoise hues paired with solid shades of white, the room takes on an airy and romantic atmosphere. A perfect balance of rustic and modern gives the space a stunning aura.
Harmoniously melding traditional and modern aesthetics, these vintage-washed palace doors and archways display intricate details handcrafted to make each piece one-of-a-kind. Their captivating balance of classic elegance and contemporary pieces creates a stimulating sensory experience that brings vibrant energy to your home.

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