Green Energy Design is built around the principles of nature, energy balance which directly impacts the health and well-being of people living in their homes. Embracing Energy Design Balance principles aligns with the body's circadian rhythms and the five elements that constitute us.
Designing for holistic wellbeing, resorts emphasize nutrition and meditation incorporating saunas and meditative spas as well as abundant unspoiled nature where plants and trees are in abundance. Vintage Antique India doors carved with sunrays and chakras, lotus mandalas are bursting with holistic energy. Wellness an experience that our body feels, be it a dense jungle, a river stream or a waterfall, the more relaxing the experience, the healing it is.
Green energy design brings these elements of nature indoors, beautiful lush carved tree of of life barn door, chakra carved antique armoires and chai tables create a sustainable conscious home. Design based on balance of energies between humans and the places they inhabit is based on old world priciples of FengShui & Vastu. We create custom doors at MOGULINTERIOR
Antique Indian doors studded with brass and iron beautifully carved with medallions create a vortex of energy. The yoga of interiors creates the balance between what is just furniture and that which has a purpose.
Keeping the energy fluid is essential in energy design. Blocked or stagnant energy creates tension that impacts your health, career, finances and limits your growth.
The five elements of earth, water, air, fire and ether that make up our body need to be balanced with the corresponding directions.
The northwest is the air element, ruled by Saturn, which affects relationships and communication. When the air element is balanced, you experience harmony in life. The air element affects the nervous system and the mind. If this zone is stagnanting, you could suffer depression. Turquoise sideboards and credenzas make a beautiful statement welcoming guests in an abundance of harmony.
The northeast is the water element, governed by Shiva and is related to spiritual growth and prosperity. Our body is mostly water and this area affects our circulatory and lymphatic system. A beautiful lotus wall carving in distressed blues decorates the room in peaceful energy.
Southeast area of your home is the fire element connected to your digestive health and your energy levels. A balanced southeast keeps you lively and cheerful. Imbalance in this zone leads to lethagy & tiredness. Antique credenzas with in rustic red patina doors and earthy textures enhances this zone as well as taking care of the harmful ionic radiation that is discharged from our gadgets.
Southwest is related to the earth element which translates to the nuturing family support and your ambitions. The back is the zone of the body that corelates to the southwest zone. Bring in the earth element with Tree of Life carved sculptures and earthy patina furniture. A beautiful Sri Yantra balances this energy zone as do pictures of magnificient mountains.

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