Start conversations with your creative & eccentric self, restoring old historical homes gives the interior designers architectural potential to add character to  with antique architectural doors and salvaged veranda arches at Mogul Interior.The impressive carved wall with teal patinas and handcarved with lotus designs brings in a feeing of wellness. Use this architectural wall as a huge barndoor slider and create spectacular interiors. Come explore Mogul Interior architectural elements, based in sunny Florida, the unique curated collection of antique doors, Indian doors, Haveli doors.Genuine authentic Haveli Indian doors, architectural walls and dividers in vivid blues & green, handcrafted in teak wood and the beautiful majestic ornamental doors cladded in brass, treasures from the past can be fully integrated into urban interiors. Use as bedroom doors, office doors or pantry doors. Be inspired from ancient cultures and architectural designs that connects to your soul. Combine a love of art with an eye for vintage earthy patinas and furniture to create an elegantly eclectic home.
Older architectural doors feature dense teak woods, authentic antique materials such as iron and brass, and vintage patinas create a new energy field of design that is reminiscent of Haveli or Mediterranean architecture. Use these reclaimed wood doors as interior doors, barn doors or bedroom doors.

Panels from antique doors are repurpsed for use in cabinets, sideboards or coffee tables. Creating beautiful interiors the antique doors are unique conversation pieces. 

Old reclaimed doors find new life as barndoors. Salvaged old doors are refinished and carved with designs inspired from architectural old Havelis.  

Vintage Indian doors salvaged from old mansions and uniquely carved antique arches in the architectural design that has influenece from British and Spanish cultures brings the classical antique style into an urban property. Commercial architects and interior designers love working with the one of a kind, antique doors and architectural elements that once were part of old world design.
Eclectic & artistic design, you understand the appeal of the unique and one of a kind elements for prospective buyers, handcarved architectural doors with their individualized hues and vintage charm raises the perception of statement design. Custom carved barn doors and vintage door wardrobe cabinets are features that give personality to the house.

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