Bohemian women's dresses crafted from recycled sari silk provide stylish silhouettes that make a bold statement. The unique printed upcycled silk dresses can deliver a provocative look and feel, ensuring you stand out in any crowd.
Be daringly adventurous with vivid tribal and floral bohemian motifs. Rock your own look or wear a dual-purpose garment, a silk skirt dress that delicately flatters your figure as you take a romantic beach walk.
This season's boho statement can be a printed silk halter top and ruffled skirt with leather beaded flip-flops for a fashionable and unique look. Tiered full-length maxi skirts, cotton embroidered tunics, and midi dresses, plus spaghetti strap sari dresses, all make a lasting impression. Cute casual day dresses, fitted and flared at the hips, are ideal for everyday activities or special occasions. Explore the mala bead necklaces and mix-and-match choices to bring out the best in you.
Kimono maxi dresses provide bohemian elegance and effortless casual style perfect for a beach day or spring wedding. The summer sherbet flowy, floral strapless sari layered dresses that just brush the ankles pair excellently with a denim jacket and sandals. For any outing, digital print and lightweight georgette kimono sleeve long kaftan dresses flatter any silhouette.
Floral dresses summer come in an array of shapes, colors and prints. Mid-length and fitted, shapeless and loose, extra short and bohemian - each dress is crafted to enhance the wearer's style and keep them feeling comfortable and attractive no matter the weather. Dusty color palettes, soft hues, stylish zig-zag cuts, extra long maxi and high low dresses, layered and ruffled skirts - the options are plentiful.

Offering a diverse selection of silhouettes, colors and prints, these spring and summer floral dresses flatter the wearer with mid-length and fitted, shapeless and loose, or extra short and bohemian designs. From dusty color palettes and soft hues, to stylish zig-zag cuts and high-low dresses, to layered and ruffled skirts - there's a dress for every taste.

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