The heart is at home; it is tranquil, quiet, and gloriously serene. Designing and decorating a home that heals with vintage carved Indian doors, tree of life barndoors, gives you love, and resonates with your energies and comes naturally with ancient spirituality's principles. When we talk about chakras and the flow of energy that maintains our bodies in balance, the same can be said for our homes. Each corner and direction resonate with a specific color frequency and pulses with life.
Bright houses in the living room and bedroom create a sense of serenity and tranquility. An air of relaxed tranquility is created by vintage mandala lotus carved credenzas and chakra carved buffets, delicate patinas, and shiny sheer soft drapes. Your home is a source of vitality, with cozy bedrooms with arched doors and living areas with carved panels. Each place goes to the source and connects with old-world world traditions with attractive aged wood and washed textures. Your home is lovely, and it is the source of all happiness. Your home attracts plenty of love, luck, and success thanks to energy balance techniques and antique sculptures.
Surrounded by lush, green trees, nature has a mysteriously wonderful way of letting us rest. Your patio features a lovely swing as well as handcrafted original artisan statues. With colorful accent sari toss cushions, the swing is artistically carved in gorgeous wood tones. With bright and aromatic flowers, an old Haveli door forms a stunning image. After a long day at work, escape to nature, or simply enjoy the sun on a lazy afternoon. Healing design connects you to nature and its beauty in a boldly Mogul way!

At, you'll find ancient spirituality designs, wall carvings, antique Indian doors, chakra sideboards, lotus credenza, old wood coffee tables, and rustic furniture.

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