Shakti or Kundalini means 'She who is coiled; the serpent power or the prana, the ancient primeval energy in each being which eventually, through the constant practice of meditation, rises up to the consciousness. As the energy rises, the kundalini awakens each chakra. Realization of who you are, comes as it slices through your core, bringing with it.
Manifesting a spiritual connection with the cosmic spirit is the ultimate goal of worship. In our meditation, we release the limitations of our human form using prayers and invocations, or we form a connection with the divine through sacred deity carvings, altar sculptures of Krishna, Ganesh, Durga or natural objects such as the shiva lingam. In the Hindu tradition, devotees create a bond with the divine through pujas and chanting of mantras.
The purpose of the puja ritual is to create an atmosphere in which we interact with spiritual energies. Worshipping Ganesh you are invoking energies that bring wisdom and knowledge, Shiva is transformation, Vishnu is prosperity and peace, Durga is Shakti.
Puja brings the essence of the cosmos to an energetic level and is an beautiful way to experience communication with the divine and seek his guidance.
There are no boundaries to the energy that guides you in your puja. You need only choose a spiritual element to connect with and a deity to represent them.
Preparing for the puja ritual, you will need a sacred space. Meditation with mala beads, chanting vedic chants, offerings of flowers, and cleansing are part of the ritual. 
Similar to adorning your physical body, your spiritual body thrives in the fragrances of incense, flowers. A sacred space created with the deity and its yantra, the chakra mala beads that are used in chanting of mantras provide focus and a seat for our consciousness. Breathing deeply, release any stress you may feel. 
Release all anxieties and open your heart to the healing energies of the divine. Light the lamp, invite the energies, chant the mantras and the offer your love to the deity, we are create a connection with the cosmic divinity which in turn guides us through life.

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