Mid-century modern eclectic decor ignites the spirit of the primal force, anchoring the area with raw materials and aged woods, then introduces intricate textures and vivid tones with modern and antique artistic touches.
When renovating a building with historical character, such as the 1920s Spanish Colonial home in Miami, the key is to balance the old with the new while keeping the home true to its heritage. Keeping the original rustic barn door, floors and the vintage windows intact is crucial to the renovation.
While the main footprint of the home did not change, almost every other element of the kitchen, bathrooms, guest room, and living room changed.
Exquisite uncomplicated lighting, vintage barn doors, marble floors, and stunning design, the energy navigates the house with ease and precision.

Infusing a rad NYC vibe with Southern charm led to styling with retro-modern tables, carved armoires, vintage finds, and funky prints. Dive into vibrant colors like neon green for a hallway or powder room- it's eye-catching and sets the stage for your artsy pieces!

A weathered window frame or an antique arch displayed on the wall with your unique art collection of wall sculptures showcased against a rustic black backdrop! Amazing texture and charming appeal!


Decorating with furniture made by hand from reclaimed woods and functional art that has a history, a meaning, a reason that defines its presence, is seen in the antique Indian doors carved with natural motifs, sun rays and floral designs.
An 18th-century Indian console, and a cocktail table made from old windows with a lovely distressed carpet completes the picture.
Envision your home from a holistic viewpoint, each room balances the other such that the energy flow is welcoming and energizing. Bringing the old world vibes with the tree of life barn doors into the mix creates a home that will never feel outdated.
Turquoise and vintage blue patina headboards, rustic accent tables are chic and adds a vintageness to the otherwise simple room.
Repurpose an antique Tibetan herbal mortar into a coffee table using sari pillows as a low seating to relax while sipping your herbal teas. The healing energy of the 200 years old solid wood herbal mortar envelops you in its warmth.
Bringing nature into your home is healing, find a few unique elements like the natural granite buddha and surround it with green plants and crystals, creating a vortex of energy.
A luxurious and serene, calming home in which you feel relaxed and comfortable, old world architecture and decor are immense treasures as well.

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