Natural components such as reclaimed wood, plants, and water are used in organic design, and it is a style that is consistent with green living, purposefully constructing your home to be in tune with nature. The design incorporates old world notions such as the fact that humans are made up of five elements: earth, fire, water, air, and ether, and that maintaining a balance within these components allows us to live a harmonious life.

The rustic salvaged wood used in the hand carved barn doors with florals and twines bring in the aspects of the wild while still being very earthy. They can be used as sliding barn doors, closet doors, or room dividers. The creative door panels have artistic lines that combine well with modern interiors and bring in the earth element.

Green living is a lifestyle that takes us back to our roots and is the natural result of an organic interior, equilibrium within the five elements, and a purposeful effort to stay in harmony with nature. Our spirit and our core are in perfect harmony.

Rustic Luxury decor is an interior design style that is here, there and everywhere, where city chic and rustic barn style overlaps in a cool fashion. Rustic woods, earthy elements, antique furniture, faded washed fabrics and soft cotton throws come together in Rustic luxury. Together they create interiors that brings together the best of both their worlds. Feminine and masculine, the ying and the yang, vivid reds mixed with a palette of warm browns, subtle taupe, turquoise blues, whitewashes and multi layered textures.

Reclaimed distressed wood furniture is a style that speaks to several styles of interior decor and is a must have for the rustic luxury interior styled homes. These beautiful artistic barn doors are made from wood salvaged from old Indian Havelis or mansions. An old door table immediately becomes the conversation piece when added to a living room. For the finesse of the reclaimed wood try a console with lotus carvings and natural wood tones.

Metallic accent doors create the modern dimension of this look taking luxe into high fashion. Mirrors encased in old jharokha arches or through accessories like metallic hued fabrics and shiny candle holders. A traditionally inspired oxcart bench armchair, adds a touch of luxe classic to the room. This classic stands apart from the more refined pieces .The kitchen uses rustic antique manjoosh, an Indian chest on wheels with elephants and peacock carvings as an island combined with crystal wine glasses creating luxury decor, practical yet eclectic.

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