Modern bohemians luxe are world travelers, artists, writers, antique collectors, garden designers and couturiers. Living in high rise condominiums in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, the urban chic contrasts with medieval castle doors, jewel tone carved cabinets and earthing brass cladded furniture.
A new style of bohemian chic, channeling your inner wanderelust, with luxurious resplendent and opulent interiors yet being grounded and earth conscious.

Antique Indian Furniture designs are full of an earthy vibrancy, a tumultuous love story of pattern and texture with the sandy whitewashed cabinets , turquoise blue consoles, grass green rustic door cabinets.

Each room starts with a stillness of subdued, neutral tone that allows the vibrancy of design elements to emerge. The structured decor is neutral and the accessory or furnitures are bold and exotic.

A beautiful old Haveli carved door makes a grand headboard, with a long hope chest at the end of the bed to store blankets. The bay window is framed with a triple arch and columns gloriously detailed, reminding you of old palaces in India with their cusped windows. Soft pashmina blankets and colorful toss pillows complete the design.

A rustic doors sideboard chest is used as a media console and gives added storage. Connecting to the roots with an infusion of culture and history makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Mixing styles and being globally inspired , keep the color tones in a similar category so as to stay uniformly chaotic.

Traditional classic design with a bohemian flair yet polished and purposeful, haute bohemian interiors are a class apart.

Curated antique sculptures with the energies of ancient spiritual wisdom bring the essence of the world traveler with a sophisticated and purposeful design.

Always envision the space as a whole, the furniture and accessories should fall in rhythmic tones of abandoned joy.

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