Characterized by rough textured stucco walls, dark red clay tile roofs, sweeping archways that line veranda courtyards and iron railings, Spanish house plans are seen in California, Florida and Texas. The charm adds an eclectic appeal that blends Mediterranean, Moorish and Spanish Colonial architectural design elements into a single stunning house plan. - check our vintage wood collection at @mogulinterior which compliments the Moorish Architecture).

Though rarely used opulent materials, the Spanish Inspired buildings were given an elegant and rich character through an elaborate ornamentation such as brass & silver metals. Both inside and outside, there are numerous and ornate decorations geometric patterns on barndoors and stylized flowers with intricate patterns carved into arches and doors give a classic statement.

Spanish Mission style is characterized by curved parapets, interior veranada courtyards lined with arches & columns, and a tall tower. Take full advantage of hilltop views, overlooking the golf course with a second story terrace lined with ornate railings, an outdoor fireplace captures light and sunset views.
The interior design carries the Spanish revival theme throughout, with finely crafted architectural doorways, ornate doors and Moorish tiles (check out our beautiful Antique Doors collection at @mogulinterior
The decorative arch, especially horseshoe arches, was the most frequently used structural component in Moorish design. Sometimes, rather than being constructed for structural support, arches are solely designed for aesthetic reasons. Check out our beautiful Arches & architectural collection at mogulinterior

Massive estate gates, heavy teak gates with ornamentation and medieval doors are a must if you want to design a Spanish style home. The rustic wood patinas should balance the textured stucco walls. Checkout our collection of beautiful Barn and Garden doors at @mogulinterior
 A Spanish-style home is incomplete without a courtyard . The veranda or courtyard is a private area to entertain guests in cooler evenings 


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