The classic design variations of arched mirrors are an excellent example of how a mirror's frame can completely alter the appearance of space because they truly resemble an additional window. These mirrors' cusped forms, appear particularly striking when used as floor mirrors in an entryway.

Rustic doorways, arches, and vintage wood mirrors are individually handcrafted from unique and one of a kind architectural element. The rustic patinas and flaws make it one-of-a-kind, and contribute to its appeal. Vintage wood and whitewashed finishes, the antique doorways can be used to create tall floor mirrors. Wall Mirrors bring a touch of elegance & luxury to almost any room in the house. Decorative wall mirrors can transform a room by making it appear larger, which is pretty cool, right? The triple arched mirrors create a Moorish ambiance that make a grand statement in your hallway. Old arches and reclaimed woods have been used to create our range of decorative wall mirrors, giving your home a luxurious feel. Every item in our Decorative Wall Mirrors collection is priced to perfection, allowing you to achieve the look you want without breaking the bank. We hope you enjoy looking through our fantastic selection of decorative wall mirrors. Our Decorative Wall Mirrors are designed to blend into any Traditional Or Modern Rustic Décor. When you purchase for home items with Mogulinterior, we want to make sure you get the best value along with Free Shipping!

Over the years, we have collected the largest collection of original, unique artifacts that is currently on display in residences, gardens, hotels, bars, and restaurants all over the world.We are quite picky about the pieces we source, constantly searching for the original elements and functional aspects. Each piece is painstakingly restored, and we finish each one with a handmade antiqued glass mirror that perfectly complements the age of our frames and gives our pieces a mellow tone as opposed to the icy gleam of new glass mirror.

For both internal and external display, we restore beautiful mirrors in a way that preserves its rustic surface. The color and texture combination perfectly matches the interior design tastes of our clientele. Window mirrors provide an antique statement item into your house providing not only a special focal design element but also the appearance of light and space as well as a lovely reflection to enjoy.

Our clients send us pictures about their own spaces, and we showcase the the mirrors based on both our extensive experience as well as taking items from our curated collection.

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