Vintage Rustic Loft Apartment bedrooms offer a tranquil retreat to recuperate after a hectic day. Large bedrooms in country homes can easily accommodate home offices, reading corners, ample storage, and a variety of artwork.
 Nevertheless, a cramped bedroom can be a challenge when it comes to furnishing and organizing. To make the most of limited space, here are some decorating strategies for a comfortable, yet stylish, look.

Maximizing the limited space of small bedrooms can prove quite challenging; however, utilizing decorative wall panels and carved door panels serves as a stunning focal point. A  custom-crafted headboard creates a a unique style statement.

Multi-functional furniture is utilized in our apartments; old door kitchen tables can be used as office desks and corner bookcases offer increased storage while providing an ideal vertical space to store books, TVs, vases, photographs, and decorations.
Side tables are highly versatile, serving as both an accent table and nightstand. Furniture which serves more than one purpose helps optimize space while maximizing utility.

Our wide collection of barn doors offer both form and function. Installing a sliding barn door allows for greater space optimization in a small bedroom; they slide along the wall, taking up less area than traditional hinged doors.
Our barn doors can free up valuable floor space in the hallway, creating an open and expansive atmosphere. Reach out to Mogul Interior today to find the perfect barn door for your interior design.

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