The concept of yoga strives at self control through will power that not only controls the body but the mind as well. Meditation aligns the mind to the vibrations of the universe.
Our actions and thought patterns are a revelation of our inner growth and conflict to reach a supreme consciousness. The aura that surrounds us pulses with the dynamic equilibrium of our body and soul. The ancient sages taught us techniques to control our mind and breath through the practices of yoga, giving us the tool needed for a healthy life .
Yoga practices are so diverse and some so elaborate yet simple. Kriya yoga has a number of levels of pranayama or breathing techniques, mantra or chanting, and mudra or hand symbols that accelerate spiritual development and bring a profound state of tranquility
Yoga Guru Patanjali : Patanjali is the yoga master. In the second sutra, he characterizes "Yoga" as the deterrent to different changes of thought rising up out of the brain, which limits mind's working .
As it were, "Yoga" is suspension of mental adjustment. In the third Sutra he uncovers that when the adjustment of psyche in connection to its reasoning rule is limited through the medium of Yoga, then the Yogi lives in the unmodified state and goes over the genuine self or soul. At the end of the day, the Yogi accomplishes self acknowledgment
Hanuman & Shiva: Lord Hanuman, and Shiva was also known as perfect yogi. They had full controlled on their mind and will through their intellectual discernment.
Yoga Dresses : Handmade Yoga harem pants and cotton tunics with breathable and comfortable fabric keeps body cool during yoga practices.
Meditation Mala : Yoga beads and enery malas Mala which are used to count in the course of mantra meditations. Mala contains 108 beads with varied beads like rudraksha, gemstone, crystal, amethyst, black onxy, jade, carnelian, rose quartz, and more. These beads are used for aligning the chakras during yoga and meditation.


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